I need a pillow with which to fly comfortably.

Consider your flight schedule clear to friends and family who pick you up and drop you off. Provide specific instructions, such as the exact date, time and place to meet you if possible.
Take advantage of support from the airline. Notify the airline in advance if you need a wheelchair or other assistance from and to the aircraft. Airline employees can help you find your luggage and connecting flight.

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Sign to receive airline updates and travel and offer alerts.
Book tickets in advance for at least 1 month. If appropriate, pick your off-peak seasons flights and look at alternative airports.
With your dates, be flexible. For example, if you are willing to leave on a Tuesday morning rather than a Friday evening, the savings can often be large. Try to fly on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday because these days there are more seats available and these flights have correspondingly lower fares.
Look out for fees. Airlines also prefer to charge fees for items such as checked baggage, drinks, and seating assignments, so consider carrying only two carry-on items and bringing your own snacks to save extra fees.
When buying a plane, always check the details and restrictions. Call the airline if you can't find the fine print on the website.

Nowadays, due to stricter airport security measures, air travel is no longer as fun and cheap as it was before 911. It refers to senior travelers with limited mobility problems in general. Improved security measures would allow you to prepare ahead of time to make your air travel more comfortable, safer and cheaper. Here are a few tips to help you meet the following goals: 1. Wherever possible, book a direct (non-stop) flight. It removes the hassle and pressure of maneuvering through a crowded airport and may miss your link due to delays with the original flight.

In order to help save your airfare money, you must...

Give yourself extra time to arrive at the airport and locate the entrance and departure gate of your security.
If your checked luggage gets lost, pack valuable travel items with your carry-on. Such products include daily medications, travel-related documents (passport and ID), mobile chargers, energy snacks, clean underwear, toothbrush/toothpaste, and any valuables (camera, jewelry, laptop, etc.). Use a checklist of packing to make sure you forget about anything.

Drink at least two cups of water during the long flight to prevent dehydration. Try to get up to do some stretches whenever needed or just go up and down the aisle for a couple of minutes. This is thought to reduce your risk of developing DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and cramps on your arms. When you have a bottle of water, make sure that it is empty before heading through safety and fill it before boarding at a water fountain.

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